Brooklyn Outdoor Film Festival

Website promoting film festival event in Brooklyn, New York.

Live demo here

Showcase of skills:

  • Write a project brief
  • Choose an appropriate technical solution
  • Detail project specifications
  • List functionalities requested by the client

Who my client is and what is generally needed:

Jennifer Viala is the founder of Brooklyn Vibes Events Co. and is also the organizer of this year’s Brooklyn Outdoor Film Festival. She hopes to select and show films from August 5th to 8th at Brooklyn Bridge Park, a major entertainment venue in New York that can hold up to 5,000 people. She wants to create an event that shows that films can appeal to audiences of all ages, and she wants her advertisements and publications to reflect that same idea! Jennifer has a budget of $3,500 to get the event website up and running. She needs to communicate online about her festival in order to announce the upcoming showings and take reservations!

She also left me a message specifying some details:

My company, “Brooklyn Outdoor Film Festival” just got the approval to show movies at Brooklyn Bridge Park this year from August 5th through 8th, from 6pm to midnight. We can’t wait to help the public discover awesome films! I need to publicize the festival, and to do this, I need a website. On this site, I need to display information about the festival, the films we’re showing, and regularly published news or announcements about the festival. There should also be links to the city of Brooklyn’s news website, the Brooklyn Bridge Park’s website, and our Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook accounts somewhere on the page (navigation bar, footer links, etc). Since I haven’t created these accounts yet, you can just have each social media icon as a link to its homepage (ex. Shows will be free and open to everyone, but I want people to be able to pre-register so that I’m able to estimate how many people might come and so that we can close registration if it reaches the venue’s capacity of 5,000 people. I’d like to have a professional web address, either a .com or .org – you decide, but just make sure it’s relevant to the film festival.

My Solution:

I’ve created website structure, designed logo and chosen colour palette. I coded website using bootstrap classes to style and structure the website. I used some custom JavaScript code to validate form, jQuery library to animate website scrolling and AOS Library created by Michał Sajnóg to animate some objects on the website. Main purpose of this project was to create online presence and make website responsive to all kinds of displays, therefore the backend implementation of the form wasn’t done.