just some information about me

Hello friend. I’m Arkadiusz (arc-aid-ious) and I am a junior software developer. I am currently working as a part-time freelancer and keep on learning to be better at my craft. I love to wake up early and help people and businesses around by deploying my computer skills. I cycle a lot too, but I am sure you don’t care about that yet. Say hello if you’d like, I don’t bite. In fact I’m quite fun to be around or work with.

my long term mission

After couple years of driving cars, vans and bicycles, I observed that world transportation system is far from best. People, with their emotional and not always clear motives aren’t best suited to transport themselves around the globe safely and efficiently. Machines, could be the solution but they still fail at it miserably. I set out on a mission to explore, discover, experience and improve the way we use machines to transport ourselves from A to B. As you can imagine, to succeed I would have to know how to program. My first steps are focused on learning about how to create a well written software. I am on a mission to become the best software craftsman I can be.

So far I have: