After couple years of driving cars, vans and bicycles, I observed that world transportation means are far from best. People, with their emotional and not always clear motives aren’t best suited to transport us around the globe safely and efficiently. Our new creations, machines, could be the solution. I set out on a mission to explore, discover, experience and generally immerse myself in creation of machines. My first steps are focused on creating clean and robust software, in order to pragmatically build knowledge base needed to see bigger picture and learn how to bring about the advent of driver-less vehicles to the world.

So far I have:

Also, I don’t understand McDonald’s popularity. Try to stay healthy and focused by eating clean. Wake up 5am to work and learn. Try to master mountain bike on challenging terrain and many other things too. Feel free to connect using social media below. I’m not a big fan of them but use them on occasion.