Hi, I'm Arkadiusz

a junior software developer

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HTML CSS JavaScript

I designed several websites and sold them to clients. I know my way around the development trifecta. Semantic code, Flexboxes, Animations and JavaScript. Bring it on.

Bootstrap & React

I am a fan of bootstrap. I've used it not only to create this but also many other websites. React is a different type of animal and I am exploring it's possibilities on my current studies.


It took me quite some time to digest inheritance, polimorphism, encapsulation and how they work together to create object oriented programs. It was worth it.


I know how to design database schema, relate tables and manipulate data in them. Generally I used MySQL but I am expanding my expertise and learning about PostreSQL too.


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I'm open to employment offers and I don't bite.
In fact, I'm quite fun to work with.

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