Chalets & Caviar
Integrating WordPress theme for estate agency

Project Description


My client, a real estate agency in Aspen, Colorado, had no website to show off its luxury chalets for sale. The agency hoped to update its website regularly alone without needing to pester web developer. My client expressed a need to have clear, uncluttered, design that exudes luxury. They have a dozen of houses for sale and let in Aspen area and wanted to offer them online.


I decided to build a Wordpress site that can be edited and updated easily by the client. Most of the work needed to be done upfront. I created brand logo and used Phlox theme to build the website. Theme offers a clean, modern and responsive design and along with WPL Plugin the website is capable of creating magnificent house listings within minutes. Along with the website I created a clear and concise manual to help my clients learn how to add, edit and delete house listings. Additionally, I've installed security and backup plugins. They will keep the webiste secure and in case of hostile takeover, weekly backup will be ready for re-deployment.


  • Write documentation destined for non-technical users
  • Select a WordPress theme based on client needs
  • Install, adapt and configure a WordPress theme to client needs