Brooklyn Film Festival
Analysing client needs for their festival

Project Description


Jennifer Viala is the founder of Brooklyn Vibes Events Co. and is also the organiser of this year’s Brooklyn Outdoor Film Festival. She hopes to select and show films from August 5th to 8th at Brooklyn Bridge Park, a major entertainment venue in New York that can hold up to 5,000 people. She wants to create an event that shows that films can appeal to audiences of all ages, and she wants her advertisements and publications to reflect that same idea! Jennifer has a budget of $3,500 to get the event website up and running. She needs to communicate online about her festival in order to announce the upcoming showings and take reservations!


We decided to create a one page solution that utilizes newest Bootstrap 4 framework. Since we wanted the website to be accessible from all devices, we focused on building website using twitter’s Bootstrap 4 technology to deliver fully responsive website that looks outstanding and is done along with current search engine optimisation directives as we would like people to be able to find out about us online and attend our event, registering by using our online form. Using this technology also cuts down development time, because we won’t have to code from scratch and therefore we are able to stay within $3500 build budget. This project demonstrates front-end design skills along with basic usage of JavaScript (jQuery) to animate scrolling, showing additional buttons when certain criteria are met as well as custom code validation that is done on client side.


  • Write a project brief
  • Choose an appropriate technical solution
  • Detail project specifications
  • List functionality requested by the client