ExpressFood Delivery Database
Map out a technical solution for the food delivery site

Project Description


I have been recruited by a startup called ExpressFood. They deliver high-quality meals to residences in less than 20 minutes with their team of delivery bikers. Every day, ExpressFood creates 2 main dishes and 2 desserts at its headquarters with help of experienced chefs. These 2 main dishes are stored in a cold setting and then given to driver who delivers food to the residence that requested it. My task was to design database schema for them and implement it.


I decided to use a robust and free database solution, MySQL. ExpressFood required access to list of clients, different menu items, delivery people and order history. Additionally I had take into consideration that on its website, ExpressFood allows clients to order one or multiple dishes and desserts. There are no fees for delivery and menu items change every day. Once client submits their order, they see a page displaying if the order has gone out for delivery yet, as well as an estimate for their meal's arrival time.


  • Create technical architecture using UML diagrams
  • Design a database schema
  • Use a schema when designing a database