Random Quote Generator
Display random quotes using JavaScript

Project Description


Objective is to build a random quote generator. The quotes should be randomly constructed by assembling different pieces of a sentence. While creating this program, you have to respect following criteria:

  • The quotes are generated randomly with each call
  • Each quote is a combination of at least 3 sentence fragments
  • The quotes should be relatively coherent
  • User can select the number of quotes generated
  • User can choose between 2 types of quote generators

I created HTML page that displays random quotes. There's HTML form that allows selection and button to confirm selection and generate new quotes. User can also choose between two different types of quotes. I used HTML DOM to connect form selection with JavaScript. I used JavaScript to create program logic and store data. Find link to my github repository below.


  • Design an algorithm to meet a specification
  • Implement the JavaScript syntax in a program
  • Connect JavaScript and HTML using HTML DOM